TSSOC Scenario Productions
TSSOC Presents Red Dawn

T.S.S.O.C. Presents
Red Dawn

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Poco Loco Paintball

Tri-State Special Operations Command would like to thank all the players for making Red Dawn an incredible game and a great success! We had a blast working for you all and are thrilled you enjoyed our first scenario production!

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Player Testimonials

"To TSSOC, completely stellar reffing squad and game format. I heard players mentioning the refs were comparable to the EMR ref staff. I agree. What rules refs may not have known, they made sure they found them out ASAP and followed through. As soon as a ref was called for, they were on the ball."
- Rephy of Ambush Alpha/Joint Fury

"Thank you to our friends from TSSOC for an outstanding event and effort pre-game, during the game and post-game. Fantastic job; everyone noticed and we appreciated everything you guys did.... from the reffing, the missions, smooth gameplay, to the awesome 80's music during the day... it was an excellent time. Also, the effort to seek us out for feedback throughout the day was great to see as well. You don't get that at many fields, but you guys were really in it to make the game and future games as top notch as possible, it was great to see/witness."
- Noodles of MBP Militia

"Loved the missions and your props. best i've played in a long while... when's the next one?!?!"
- Amanda "arh" Hoffman of Team Wulfpak

"On behalf of the House Solstice and as Russian XO, thank you everyone for a great game! That was honestly the most fun I have had in a long time and a big big part of that is thanks to TSSOC for running one of the smoothest scenario games I have been a part of. The game in my opinion was run like a big name producer would do so and I really hope you guys keep them coming."
- Otter of House Solstice

"TSSOC thank you for asking me to come down and play I had a blast well run, nice format you definitely got something there..."
- Nixx Valor of House Solstice

Red Dawn

- Hightower of Ambush Alpha/Joint Fury

"What a fun game! Congrats to TSSOC for putting together an amazingly fun game."
- Professor of Ambush Alpha/Joint Fury

"Thanks TSSOC and PocoLoco for a great weekend. The game was well run and organized, the refing was outstanding."
- Fidi of Team BITM/Joint Fury

"After many trips down to Poco Loco, I rate this game my best there yet. I had an excellent time, the ref's were tight and even though I throw hissy fits, they were on top of everything. THE SAFEST I HAVE EVER PLAYED

  1. Good Chrono check in
  2. Ref's everywhere and not just bodies but ref's
  3. Good fair play, sure I got bonus'd 10 rounds with one out but hey you can't fix everything.
  4. EXCELLENT coverage, there was an action plan in the event someone got hurt AND it was immediately employed...kudos"

- Rogue Element

Red Dawn

"I gotta say my hat is off to TSSOC for putting on an amazing game! Without you guys this game would not have been as smoothly run as it was."
- Bravo of Hellkatz

"Im looking forward to the next TSSOC produced game, you set the bar high."
- Merlin of Ambush Alpha/Joint Fury

"You guys put on a great game."
- Demitry of Team Pain

"TSSOC: Awesome game.

  • smooth check-in, multiple line air fill station, keeping to time schedule.
  • the refs were everywhere and knew what they were doing. i saw refs running through thick firefights into structures to do paintchecks and refs were always on top of calling in points. professional, efficient and consistent reffing makes a huge difference between an average game where it's mostly kids reffing and just trying to get through the day and a great game where real players who are into the game a reffing.
  • the field is of nice size, but not very big. limiting the game to 200 players made for constant action without making it too crowded that it just becomes two lines shootong back and forth. with a player limit, there was action and space to manuever. another factor that made for a great game.
  • game structure played out without any flaws that i could see.
  • solid set of rules for real players.
  • instant reinsertion and no medics worked out perfectly to keep players flowing into the fray. my view is that this system works better than medics and 20-min insertions.

I don't usually post, but this was one of the better run games I've been to. Solid play on both sides. Field management did a wonderful job of working with you guys to put on a hell of a game. "
- Shadow One of Team Pain

"Red Dawn was my first game in paint ball ever.... after having played 5 games now it was still amazing... please TSSOC have a November game I am dying to come back to POCO LOCO!"
- White Tigress

Red Dawn

"Great job again guys and looking forward to more of your games in the future!"
- Ravenwolf

"just wanted to say thanks for a great game. hopefully next year you will have somemore scenarios held there"
- camarozracer8 of Blood Brothers of War

"Thank you to TSSOC and Poco Loco for putting on a great game. The reffing for the game was amazing as said by others."
- Phantom Assassin of Blood Brothers of War

"That was one of the better games I have played in a long time. Very smooth overall, at least from what I experienced. Lots of intense battles, lots of crazy people and lots of fun. Overall I thought it was a very well done game. Thanks TSSOC and PocoLoco for a great time."
- Dark Ninja

"To everyone, what an awesome game! First Scenario of the season for me, and I had a blast! Americans, you guys put a pinch on us quite a few times, especially when I was carrying the dirty nuke, I didn't get any closer to the tower than about 35 yards. Frenchie, you laid down some good fire haha! Definitely uber-thanks to TSSOC for putting the game on, looking forward to seeing you guys (and hopefully everyone else) @ Skirmish very soon. Refs, awesome job. You guys were on top of things and very honest, too!"
- Papa Stryfe of House Solstice

"Thank you TSSOC for changing my opinion of PocoLoco and putting on a great game!! I had so much fun running up and down the mountain antagonizing the Russians and my favorite lady Nyxx. The missions were well balanced and the game played out wonderfully, it was too perfect that the Wolverines were a bunch of scrapes of teams going against large organized teams on the Russian side. We held our own though, and I got the opportunity to, several times, work with individuals that had never met before but functioned as a well oiled machine once under fire. We even found ourselves deep in Russian territory taking a swim in the creek...my boots are still wet."
- Frenchie

"It was a great game, the staff was awesome and the missions were practical. The Americans played some scrap paintball all day and managed to keep the game close. My only suggestions would be to clarify the rules on ramping with electros, and I thought the end battle was a great idea, but it was better in theory then in practice. My brother Adam (the guy running around with the T9 all day) and I made sure to thank all the refs they really did an outstanding job, you could really tell they enjoyed scenario play. Im happy to say I will be down for more tssoc events."
- CoverTRoverT

Red Dawn

"Big thanx to the staff and refs and TSSOC for putting on a great game. I couldn't think of a better way to, as Arh and Winter joked, pop my commander cherry. Surrounded by honorable players and friends on both sides, it was perfect."
- Jpazz

Scenario Background

Based on the 1984 film of the same name, Red Dawn will pit the invading forces of the mighty Soviet Empire against the embattled yet stalwart defenders of the United States of America. This game will incorporate places and events seen in that movie for an authentic feel that everyone from the first-time player to the most seasoned veteran is sure to enjoy!

Event Pricing

Entry is $40, which includes CO2 or HPA air fills
Paint is $65 per case of 2000 (field paint only!)

Game Schedule

7:00 am - Gates Open
7:30 am - Pre-Registration/Registration
9:30 am - Player Briefing
10:00 am - Game Starts
4:30 pm - Game Ends
4:45 pm - Awards Ceremony


General Nyxx from Team Solstice will be leading the Soviet Invaders, while Jpazz from Team Wulfpak will be the general for the American Resistance.


The game will utilize an instant reinsertion system, which has been designed to keep the action high and players on the field and in the game as much as possible. When a player is hit, they will simply make their way to their Command Post, tag up, wipe off the hit, and they are immediately back in the fray. Also on the field will be two forward insertion areas which the teams can occupy and use for a forward reinsertion zone, which also creates vital strategic positions to be contested.

In addition to this fast-paced insertion style, the game will incorporate "Paratrooper" insertions, in which small groups of elite Special Forces can insert deep behind enemy lines, allowing for subterfuge, sabotage and disruption of enemy reinforcements, providing yet another strategic dimension to the game. The "Wolverines," a tough and resourceful unit of troops, will be the Special Forces for the Americans, while for the Soviets, the ruthless and highly trained "Spetsnaz" will be called upon to operate behind American lines.

There will be no medics, spies, double agents or third-party entities in this game.


Every half hour, every flag station that has a live player inside the station will tally points for that player's team.
Points will also be awarded for completion of missions, such as recovering downed pilots, securing enemy computer databases, and other game props.

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